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About my services

My name is Elena Ivchenko. I'm a PERSONAL MATCHMAKER.

I live and work in Sumy, a beautiful city located in north-east of Ukraine. I grew up here, then lived and worked in USA for 3 years, came back home and started my own personal matchmaking business. By helping my friends I realized the need for helping others find their soul mates. For Ukrainian women happiness is synonym to love and harmony in a family relationship. Unfortunately a lot of our women are single and the main reason is that Ukrainian men are not the ideal mates. Many of our women suffer from loneliness and lack of men's attention. It's a pity to see a beautiful and kind lady with sad eyes. 

I have my masters degree in finance but have decided to help others find love as my career. I know and understand the Ukrainian women and what they are looking for. I ONLY work with women who I meet and screen PERSONALLY. If they are unstable or have ulterior motives I will not introduce you to them. 

 I want you to find and meet the woman of your dreams. I personally select each woman for you based on your desires. 

When you sign up with me I will be working for you as your Personal Matchmaker. You will have better success if you agree that I work for you.

I am committed to providing the very best professional service and advice. My ability, experience and sincerity ensure that I am very aware of my clients' needs and requirements. After each introduction or match, I listen to comments from both parties. This feedback enables me to effectively coach and advise you and help you in future dating situations. The information prepares you to meet the right person for a long lasting relationship.

How it works

 I would like to explain how I work.
If you  want  me  to  help  you  find a good  lady  for  you  we  can  start  from  application. After that I start individual search for each customer in different cities in Ukraine and I do it depends of EACH customer’s needs and wishes. A lot of women reply  and call me, I schedule personal meeting with each woman personally (or on skype) , I take her information and photos and send it to you. And you choose what woman you like and want to know better. It’s a lot of work - to meet each woman, talk to her, collect her information. Actually you will not find service like that in websites, because I am real person and as Ukrainian woman I know our women and can tell who is nice and honest and who is not. So I'm like a filter and save a lot of time, money and nerves to clients. Most of my clients appreciate it very much. I do not share your photos, name or personal information on ads, I show everything in person when I meet women.
Please let me know if you have questions, please email me at and we can discuss all the details.
Looking forward to hear from you! 

Contact details

  Dear future customer!

If you are interested to find a real and serious lady for relations and marriage, please contact me at and I will send you an application to fill. Also you may reach me on skype: ukrmatch

And here is my business phone number: +38 066 142 14 78

Viber and Whatsapp is also available on this number.

Available time to call is 5 am to 4 pm EST (New York time) 

Or 10 am to 10 pm Ukrainian time.  


About Ukrainian women

Difference between Ukrainian and Western women

Women from Ukraine are not spoiled and they do not have unrealistic expectations about life. They are instead seeking faithful, loving men, who live in countries where there are better economic conditions. If you treat these women with respect they will make you feel like a king.

Ukrainian women are down to earth, highly educated, family oriented and not ruined by unreasonable expectations associated with western women. Age difference is not an issue with them. Eastern European women are very mature for their years and view older men as more reliable, stable and secure. They are looking for what all people are looking for: good living conditions and a person to love them.

Yes, all the women on our site are actively trying to find a foreign partner for marriage or a long term relationship. We ask all of our ladies, on a regular basis, if they wish to be removed from our database so we only list the women who are actively looking for a partner.

Ukrainian women are kind and smart. They are great cooks and traditionally they respect family values. This is cultural and Slavic women are less emancipated and more feminine than Europeans or Americans. 


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Skype: ukrmatch 

Matchmaking, marriage, find a wife from Ukraine

Sumy, Ukraine

+380661421478 (Also Viber and Whatsapp on this number)